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Robin Motola recently filed a lawsuit against Las Encinas with other ex-employees of the hospital alleging substandard working conditions and patient care. But the fact of the matter is that Robin Motola, while well liked, is also a drug user (hence introducing these other two dirtballs to Tamar) and is herself incompetent and negligent. For that reason we are seeking an attorney.

Yesterday, August 9, 2009, Michael Kevin McGee, a former psychologist and Harvard graduate who was stripped by the State of Calfiornia of his license to practice psychology following an arrest for drugs and endangering the public, did what he's been doing for weeks. He doesn't know Tamar's current address so he loiters near her aunts for hours at a time. At this point the drug habit has become so bad he is homeless and unkempt, living in a broken down car. When he saw Tamar he grabbed her and she hit him with her purse. A neighbor heard the commotion and called police. McGee attempted to tell them he was trying to help her, she was crazy and other nonsense which Tamar disputed. As he looks now, it is hard to believe anyone could believe he has any standing in the psychological community. The police did not arrest him then and there despite the fact he has three outstanding warrants, but told him not to come back. He did a second time and then a third time. The third time the police got there on time and he was arrested. Because he was carrying a meth pipe, it is hoped the police will test it for drug residue and add possession charges on to the three outstanding warrants. With any luck, that is the last any of us will ever see of Michael Kevin McGee. A few months ago, he broke into Tamar's aunts home and held a knife to Tamar's throat. It's amazing he got away with all the crap he was pulling as long as he did and I hope we are now safe from Michael Kevin McGee and he is locked away for some time.

Robert Catalfamo was recently arrested in Texas after stealing his own mothers car and the family came to the conclusion that if he was going to be helped it would require tough love. We don't know the disposition of that case, but we do know Robert Catalfamo spent several weeks in jail in Texas-a place he is well familiar with as he been arrested countless times already.



NOTE: The real life main nurse referred to in various portions of the script, synopsis and character breakdown is in fact ex Las Encinas Nursing Supervisor Robin Motola, who very recently filed a lawsuit against Las Encinas alleging substandard patient care and substandard working conditions. While part of that may be true, the fact is Robin Motola herself is guilty of a great deal of incompetence and negligence, at least in part to her own drug use. As a result of knowledge of this lawsuit and for other reasons, Tamar Hirsch and myself, Rodney Peterson, are actively seeking legal representation in real life. This has great potential to be a high profile case as Las Encinas has already made the national news at least four times in the past year, including today with the public notification of the lawsuit brought by Robin Motola and other ex-employees of Las Encinas. At the same time, the script and book continue to evolve and become more compelling with a greater built in audience.

Following a series of unflattering news stories about Las Encinas Hospital in which the hospital failed a number of inspections by government regulators after three patients died and a 14 year old girl was raped by another patient-all in a five month span in 2008, a group of ex-employees, led by ex Nursing Supervisor Robin Motola, recently filed a lawsuit against Las Encinas Hospital through attorney Michael Seplow of the Los Angeles California based law firm of Schonbrun DeSimone Seplow Harris & Hoffman LLP. This law firm bills itself as litigants for client rights in employee matters, civil rights matters and cases against the government. While they have won some cases, they also take on cases of questionable merit. Recently they lost a case in which Michael Seplow was a chaired attorney in which the litigant, Lola Krugel, is the wife of a Jewish Defense League activist convicted in the 2001 attempted bombing of a Southern California mosque as well as the office of California 49th District Republican Lebanese American Congressman Darrell Issa, Earl Krugel. Earl Krugel was murdered at the hands of another prisoner in 2005 and his wife was hoping she could somehow win a case against the government for endangering her husband by transferring him to another facility where the white supremecist that killed him was also housed. Hard to believe any jury or judge would take that one seriously since it was Earl Krugel's own actions of rage and idiocy that put him in prison in the first place:


In the case of the Las Encinas employees, their case appears to be overblown and without merit as well, complicated by the notion Robin Motola may have been the nursing supervisor on one or both of the evenings when two patients died on the unit co-chaired by Dr. Drew Pinsky of Lovelines and Celebrity Rehab fame in April 2008 and the rape of the 14 year old patient by 16 year old Jonathan Aguilar in August 2008, admitted to the facility after being transferred from a county facility along with his parole officer-a good indication the hospital was negligent for admitting him in the first place and likely did so at the behest of his parents who were willing to pay for a better facility for their son (Cameron Douglas, anyone?) as Las Encinas has enjoyed a reputation up until 2008 as a top notch in patient psychiatric facility, partly by associating themselves with Dr. Drew Pinsky’s celebrity status.

As reported in the Los Angeles Times, the Las Encinas lawsuit breaks down thusly:

Understaffing forced employees to work past the ends of their shifts with no pay: While I can not verify this, it does sound bogus. Many employees at Las Encinas actively sought overtime, including Robin Motola. As a patient, I would often hear this being discussed among the employees.

Unsanitary conditions: Hospital provided no soap, forcing employees to bring their own. Possibly true at times as the maintenance staff of such a massive hospital (a number of structures covering 27 acres, the vast majority over 100 years old) would have a massive job and likely would run out of such things in various restrooms. Also, because the hospital is over 100 years old, some of the rest rooms are quite tiny and don’t have room for a sink. Sinks are never more than a few feet away, however, and I am not aware of a single nurse’s station without one.

Las Encinas has plans to tear down the structure and rebuild, adding beds to some of the divisions of treatment while subtracting beds from other divisions. This will obviously solve the problems associated with restrooms not having sinks. Under CEO Linda Parks, the hospital’s main emphasis has been on profit, not patient care. However, Robin Motola was herself responsible for a great deal of the lack of patient care. According to my friend Tamar Hirsch, a patient Robin treated outside of the hospital at her home, Robin would take drugs Tamar refused (pain killers and tranquilizers meant for her), smoked pot at the guard shack, and took discharged patients home for drugs and sex.

Workers believing equipment was substandard including blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes brought their own. While some of the equipment may have been old, it seemed to work and blood pressure cuffs are pretty simple devices regardless in which not a whole lot can do terribly wrong. As are stethoscopes. Since one patient, Alex Clyburn, was checked on at 10 p.m. at night and then next found dead at 7:15 a.m. the next morning, the real problem obviously was workers weren’t doing their jobs to begin with and many employees had a lackluster attitude. Tamar Hirsch reports this to be true of Robin Motola. Better equipment wouldn’t have made a difference with employees not doing their jobs to begin with.

Employees provided with answers to exams so as to avoid paying them for studying for these tests. Possibly true, and if so, the fault of Linda Parks, who unbelievably still remains as CEO. This despite the fact Alex Clyburn died because no one checked on him at the required 15 minute intervals and the 14 year old girl was raped while nursing staff and the rapists own parole officer slept through the night.

The lawsuit also names three other Aurora psychiatric hospitals in Covina, San Diego and Ventura.

In my opinion and Tamar’s opinion, Robin Motola has a lot of nerve suing when she is responsible for breaches in patient care that are almost unfathomable to begin with, and may have still been employed as a Nursing Supervisor at the time the three deaths and rape occurred in 2008. Robin Motola claims to have left in 2007, but according to Tamar, Robin Motola came back and was working again in 2008.

Before any of this happened, I was writing a film and book partially set at Las Encinas which initially had nothing to do with any of the tragic events there-especially since they hadn‘t happened yet. It was simply a fate driven love story, like Slumdog Millionaire, partially set in a psychiatric hospital, like One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, called Cutting Confessions:



Also at those websites I have detailed information about two stalkers introduced to Tamar Hirsch by Robin Motola, a couple of her drug buddies, who have been relentlessly and dangerously stalking both of us for some time. One is a former psychologist and Harvard graduate, Michael Kevin McGee, stripped of his license to practice by the State Board of California following a 2001 arrest for driving under the influence and endangering the public. The other is Robert Catalfamo, a 39 year old friend of Robin Motola and an often arrested crystal meth addict and career criminal.

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