Thursday, July 9, 2009


A man in his young 30’s and a petite young woman in her mid 20’s-both highly intelligent funny misfits-experience a bizarre series of events that are like a cosmic collision course. Both are admitted to a resort like psychiatric hospital. The woman enters the man’s room seconds after the man is admitted after just having cut herself with a razor she snuck in. He is so enthralled by her at first sight he doesn’t realize she is bleeding profusely. But a nurse notices and the woman is taken to the emergency room. This is not the first time she’s done this-she grew up in posh Beverly Hills, abused and neglected. At age 12 she started cutting herself.

The woman returns to the psychiatric hospital. They begin a bizarre and comical relationship spending time together and sharing humorous stories. The man continues to be enthralled, the woman less so. None of this goes unnoticed by the chief nurse-a charismatic woman, in reality a drug addict with psychotic tendencies closely connected to both other drug addicts and other unstable psychological professionals.

The man and woman grow closer unaware the nurse is doing everything she can to sabotage the relationship. It becomes apparent the hospital is incompetent-a young girl is raped by another patient who never should have been admitted. Two patients overdose after sneaking drugs in. Other patients exhibit bizarre comical behavior with stories of their own as everyone interacts. When the woman is discharged the nurse, believing her family to be wealthy, convinces her father to hire her outside the hospital-giving her the opportunity to integrate her friends into the woman’s life in an attempt to control her and get close to the family and their money.

The man leaves the hospital. Searching Craigslist he finds an apartment in Beverly Hills-a roommate situation and enlists the help of the woman in moving in. When the apartment turns out to be next door to the woman’s childhood home-where she was abused and her mother still lives-both are shocked.

The woman begins to feel more romantically receptive to the man-to the dismay of the nurse and her friends. The man receives bizarre and dangerous threats. All of this has made the woman realize the nurse and her friends might not be on her side at all. The threats continue and grow worse for the man and woman escalating into dangerous physical encounters-at times comically inept. The more the man and woman attempt to interact the worse-and more comical-the stalking becomes.

The woman meets and develops a relationship with a European artist. The man does his best to show happiness for her but he is obviously in love with her. The woman and her fiance play roulette and win a great deal of money based on numbers her fiance couldn’t possibly know are significant in highly bizarre events of the man and woman’s relationship. Realizing she loves the man she met in the hospital and wearing her wedding dress, she jumps up from the table-leaving her purse and the money behind running through the casino and out onto the Las Vegas Strip-the weather isn‘t cooperating-it’s one of the rainiest and most thunder and lightning filled nights in years. She has to make it to another hotel before the man leaves-running against both the clock and those following her.

Rodney Peterson

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Anonymous said...

NONE of that is true. All fabricated from a very twisted and delusional mind!! You are a sick man!! Now stop stalking and terrorizing Tamar and get a life!!!